Friday, 26 February 2016

From the Archives 1999-2001: My box of letters.

Sadly, I have not felt the need to hold onto many of these gems, but they are forever with us in cyberspace.

In response to Julieanne's question, I never had Mr Peake, and you'll hear why that's a good thing below.

I ad apple in my hair because the stupid Year Tens used to throw stuff at us when we were in Year 8, including chocolate milks (they were $1 form the canteen so a good investment) and, apparently, apples.

I also had to edit some of these, because, I have some kind of ethics.

Carrying on with the high school reunion theme tonight. Here are some heavily edited letters from certain people (mostly Jules. Also, Jules is bloody hilarious, especially when she doesn’t mean to be). If I didn’t cut them down this post would be too long and be filled with info on how boring maths is – haha! Enjoy. 

From Julieanne:
To Frizzy, are you? I’m fine but I’m watching ‘a bug’s life’ it is so good but rowan is sooooooooo much cuter and sexier. U love DimSim.
...I am so mad (pissed off) with Haylee and Amy. They are such a bitch. ... I love PC+SH
...I would do a spell and make him fall in love with me and then go out with me.
...I hate Mr Peake. Have you ever had him? You don’t want him.
...I dare you something. Ask _____ if he is gay and then say it is from James. Ok thanks.
...Do you know that james loves Haylee? It is rumour going around the school.
...Top 5 Guys: 1) rowan, 2) Simon, 3) Vic, 4) Rowan, 5) Simon.
...Write me a list at the people you like and write everything you like about them. Ok. PS- write back.

From Bianca:
...Have you seen terri’s socks? They are pink&yellow & they say “Groovy Chick!”

From Amy:
...Hi, how are ya? Me I’m ok. Now, who do I like?
James: no!
Simon: I will not say
Tim: NO!
And who is D? I have to know. I will get on my knees and beg. Love Amy.

From Haylee:
...Well you have told me who you like/love and now I have to tell you who I like .............. I can’t because I don’t like anyone but there might be someone I like but I don’t know who it is yet.
...I really like those nicknames we made up particularly Big Bird and Bad Taster!

From Shane:
Dea lisa, how are you? Hi apple hair. Sorry! Frizzles! How are you going? Do you like Simmo? From Shane

From Ashleigh:
...I’m waiting for the nightzone to play my song. I said hi to you, Haylee, BJ & Rowan. Did you hear it? If you didn’t, don’t worry, I have it on tape! Simon rang me twice tonight, once before Charmed and once during Charmed – HOW RUDE!

From Terri:
...I’m Groovy Chick or Tez, you’re Frizz or Lucy & Biance is Tiny Chick, B or BP. {Haylee was BC – bad Chick.} we don’t have food/nut today. Got 2 go. Write longer next time. Love Tez (G.C.)

Thursday, 25 February 2016

From the Archieves 2001: Something from my journal.

 I really don't know what to say bout this one, other than the make up thing and the Baywatch story still make me laugh. I really did have the bestest friends ever (uhhh eva?) when I was 15.

Welcome back 'Blah'! my year 10 diary which was called 'Blah' because 'Blah' was written all over it when I bought it from Woolies. I can vividly remember the purchase even. So here goes.

{things in these brackets are my extra info bits}

{dodgy spellin and grammar left intact. Note Sim's literary masterpiece for a good example of non-editing.}

I have lots of things glued in which I've added for quality viewing. Most of this blog is about Rowan and Simon, no Haylee once again because we were fighting. But there's a token bogus email in here to Ashleigh which the girls and I wrote, but not sure whether we sent it to you or not. Anyways. Enjoy.

Dear Blah,
I'm in Italian and Rowan keeps talking about when he went to this party at the beach. He and another girl were playing 'Baywatch'. The chick was CJ and he was Mitch... Then after telling this story he said he was 14 at the time! hehehe!
Love ya, Lisa xoxo

Dear Blah.
On the way back from Italian, Rowan and I kept talking about Jenny Craig.
At the assembly, somone said "Do you get picked on because of your weight?" and we were like 'James!"
{sorry bro!!}

Dear Blah,
...{I crap on about being sick then} I came home and had a big sleep and then mum took me to Simon's. We ordered pizza for tea and watched "Milo and Otis", "Hollow Man" and "X-Men". It was okay.
{Simon claimed in all seriousness that he watched 'Milo and Otis' whenever he had a sick day from school. I have never got over this. Also, the next day he had three hot dogs for breakfast. I never got over that either.}

hey Blah!
{more rubbish about the daily workings of a 15 year old who works at KFC and wishes she was back with her ex boyfriend, haha}
So now I'm at church, I'm a bit of a nigel but oh well. Now I am going to write about my friendz. here are their bios;
Simon Howley
My bestest friend at school. he knows everything about my life since I was 13 {woot, two years! true though. I still love him muchly}. He's tall with spikey brown hair and blonde streaks. he's ticklish too!
Julieanne Schubert
One of my bestes buds from school. She likes Sim, Paul and Rowan {nothing like girl power, eh Jules?}. He besties are me, Sim, Row mah Bro, Talhia, Tez and Amy (sorta).
Rowan Thurlings
Rowan cares about three main things: girls, Big brother and money. he wants to leave the Mount and get a good paying job. he loves Sara-Marie amd saying stupid stuff. Oh and I love bitching with him. "BIOB!"
Sarah-Jane Kerr
Sarah loves Chad. her boyf in adelaide. I've spent lots of time with her coz of church and you. She has {and for some reason it ended here.}

Lisa and Simon's stuff
WWJD: What would Jesus do? (Lisa)
WWWD: What would wankers do? (Simon)
SMBB: Suck my balls bitch (Sim)
URAL: You are a loser (Losa
BIOB: Bring it on bitch (Sim)

Funniest Moments List:
When Rowan flicked a pen in Lorraine's face {accidentally I think!}
When Lorraine put a chook in a bucket to see if it could swim
When Sim tells lame jokes
When james stands like an idiot
"Dumb leaf clover" James
"Thems were the days" james
"You know Peter Millard? He's in the Guiness Book of World Records." "What did he do?" "Pushed a bathtub ten meters!" {I still tell people this now. Thanks Jem.}
The green pants guy (aka Pants)
When Matthew Doecke wore make up to Youth Alive.

Bogus email Jules, Amy and I wrote to Ashleigh in year eight:
Dear Ashleigh,
I was bored so I came to Lisa's house and wanted to email you because I couldn't stop thinking about you. Lisa didn't want me to email you but I couldn't stop myself so I got your email off Lisa (I think she was jealous) and that is the story. I really miss you.
I have something else to tell you. Amy asked me out. But I said no because - Lisa is coming, I'll ring you later.
From Simon
{for some reason that was glued into my diary!}

Part of a long email from Rowan:
Now Mel is in here too. It is the invasion of the idiots. Only joking.
I love you, no offense. Punch. I love you, no offense.
Good thing Simo isn't here other wise Mel would be all over him and rubbing up againist him.
So did you have fun answering phones all lesson. Whoop-dee-doo.
I gotta go now. Love always (no offense) Rowan.

A random letter from Simon
Hello frizz im writing to you with your pen which you lent to me 2 weeks ago but im now complaining. so hows life mines OhKAY but it could be better, ther are certain things in life which would lighten it up.
I'm getting $90 next wednesday so that will be good - a new pair of oakleys-
well ill leave you wid some words of wisdmo 3:18 from the bible> stop hitting on paul, and get a hair cut.
from Sim {then he drew pics of snakes and swords and things}

So that's so my my journal. It's strange because at the time I shared it with all my friends, but now there's parts which I don't want to read.
Oh man, I'm missing a lot of people right now.

Friday, 19 February 2016

From the Archive 2009: Journal quotes

Almost a year old is this journal, and I thought I'd share a few interesting musings and quotations from that which is 'Eco Notebook diary'.

- "Be the change you want to see in the world!" Spring/Summer 2009-2010

- Tonight: Jon was dressed like a hobo, he borrowed Sy's shirt. Jon dances like an idior, NOR decided to go to Charlton's. Played pool, danced, some girl spat water in Jon's face. Jeff=sweetheart, we're corrupting him.

- "Not once, not twice, but thrice mother!" - Narelle

- Date=-fizzer. But there's always plenty more fish in the sea. or something like that.

- <3 too many many to count or think about.

- Unsure. Unclear. Unknown. (Everything, including whether I miess him or not. U can say that 2 times.)

- Success is not to be measured by the position one stands, but by the obstacles which one has overcome - Booker T Washington

-"I'd tell those parents to stick it where the sun don't shine!" - the Notebook

- "Oh le George! Bonjour le George! We'll stuff le George in le locker!"

- Time will tell (time sucks!)

- "I bought something for someone I love today. It cost me a lot, but I didn't want anyone else to have it." - Kelly taylor

- Love Tom Hansen. I'd marry him, if he was real (that's possibly the lamest thing I ever wrote.)

- Slammed my fingers in the bathroom door. Bloody hurts! !#?#!x1000

- Things I dream of: City 2 Bay 2010, roller derby. size 10, GG. my bed being put back together, holidays to Queensland, winning on the scratchies, KFC and eating said KFC.

- People I love: Spring, Jen, Jess, Ros.... Ex boyfriends I'm not mad with: ________ (this space intentionally left blank)

- "Keen as beans - hahahahahaha"

- God has a very good point."

- Sleepies for the Frizz.

- Love my staff, but some are just drama-infused

- Crush Record: Wins: Lisa: 10, Boys: 7, Gay Guys: 1.

- "And we all like the snakes the best!"

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

From the Archives 2013: One of the few and many reasons why I'm a bit weird - I hate stuff.

Here's a somewhat definitive list of things I hate. And hating these things means I'm just a little bit weird.

1. I hate... Friends
As in the TV show. Yes, really. Everyone seems to freaking love this show. I hate it. Overquoted, stupid characters (the one good looking one is Matt le Blanc and Joey is a complete idiot), endless comparisons between myself and poor Phoebe and seemingly neverending, I cannot put into words why I don't like Friends. I just don't. I can't like it. I have tried and I have... well... failed.

2. I hate... over-enthusiasm
"Can everyone say *insert Biblical reference word hear*?" I have often said perkiness annoys me (though often it becomes endearing). Spending too much time in certain churches has made feel feel a little... well, frustrated at the hyped-up-emotive-atmosphere. And yes, I have sat through a sermon on Atmosphere and if you don't believe me, ask Jem because she heard all about it afterwards. I may also still have sermon notes somewhere.

3. I hate... people who don't get it.
I am confused easily and sometimes I don't remember things. But it doesn't matter who it is, if I get something and know who how it works, your lack (and usually because of indifference) infuriates me no end.

4. I hate... anything supernatural
Other than cartoon ghosts, don't bother me with anything which is not something God related. Don't give me ghost stories, spirits, spells or any of that crap. Not only does it hurt my poor little brain, I also don't like thinking about such things when I'm not covered by prayer and protection. Step back kids. I can't handle that one.

5. I hate... people selling me stuff
I recently tore strips off someone trying to sell me an Amnesty sponsorship (which I already have) after they heckled me THREE times on THREE separate occasions. Maybe mocking your would-be customers might score you some points, but I am actually at the point where I'll be withdrawing my support.

6. I hate... unsupervised children. and screaming ones.
I don't have kids, so all my mum friends can give me hell for this one. I hate unsupervised kids in supermarkets, shopping centres or anywhere else where someone should actually be keeping an eye on them. And kids who chuck tanties over lollies. This probably comes from the days of working in supermarkets where some poor fed-up mum would say to her three year old who was sooking "Mum's going now, bye" and walk off really slowly. Once this did not work and the kids was standing with me for five minutes. Don't worry kid, I would have happily have taken you home.

7. I hate... "there are calls for..."
Calls for what? Less spending? More taxes? Less taxes? Mums to stay at home? Dads to be better dads? And who makes this call? Some small research committee at a university who wants their 15 minutes of fame on Sunrise. This is why I try not to watch Sunrise anymore.

8. I hate... Andrew O'Keefe
He is SO annoyingm fake and arrogant. And what is with Deal or No Deal? Seriously! There must be better stuff on television.

9. I hate... status updates which may or may not be in reference to myself or a friend or a friend of a friend
Why do people keep doing this? Facebook is a public forum. Way to lose friends and alienate people.

10. I hate... Queen. Kylie. Madonna.
Okay, so maybe there might be one or two songs by Queen I don't mind, but these three are my least favourite artists. Possibly because Queen and Madge were flogged by AM radio growing up, and still are today. Kylie's songs are completely boring. No no no no. Boo to you I say.

There are a lot of things I love, and I'll post them up soon. I feel so much better having wrote this note. A lot of the time I will say to someone 'I hate ____' and they will say 'well, don't tell ___'. Luckily my friends are (generally speaking) gracious enough to love me, regardless of my lack of love for those things they love. So much love.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Super nice things to do for a lady who has just had a baby

I forgot all the flurry of getting ready for a baby for a long time, until I saw a post from one of my friends about whopping cough vaccinations. And so, because I really had no idea until I had an actual baby, I thought I'd write a list of super nice stuff people did for us, and a few things to avoid.

Reply to a text about the baby.
If two parents have just brought a baby into this world have the decency to tell you about it soon after the fact, write back. They want your text.

But skip the phone calls.
Unless you're there in person, talking on the phone is all levels of awkward in a hospital. Just send a text and wait for some kind of response. And not a 'Can I call you text' either.

Assume the lady with the baby will look less than her best.
But say otrherwise. Also, the partner might look equally, if not more haggard.

Bring food.
One of my friends brought a massive stash of junk food which got me through several nights in hospital and then my stay in while Natalie was in Neonatal. Jubes, I would married you if I could.

Also, bring food before and after if you like. In containers the parents don't need to keep track of. We had a few of these meals and it was nice.

And thanks goes to Stephen for buying me onion rings and a chocolate thickshake. He is the bee's knees.

Offer to cuddle the baby.
I'll be honest, I hate saying 'Do you want to hold the baby?' because I kind of figure everyone does but doesn't want to ask.

Don't ask too many questions.
Why? Because the new mum will tell you EVERYTHING you never wanted to know, or nothing at all without any need to ask.

Visit at the hospital if you can.
Although I love visitors, managing everyone's schedules outside of your own are hard enough to do before you have a baby. I found hospital visits a lot easier because people had to come at certain times, and you knew roughly when to expect them. When you're at home, you need to feed and water your guests, so if you do go for that option, please feel free to feed and water yourself using things you find in the cupboard.

Send photos.
You took a photo of the baby? Email me it please because I has to have all the baby thingz.

Skip the Compare and Contrast.
Unless you had a baby, no one is terribly interested in what your girlfriend's father's sister-in-law went through with birth, feeding or sleeping. And don't say anything about anyone sleeping through the night or how tired you are because, the Look of Death is coming your way.

If you come by the house, sometimes (pfffft all the time) it's lovely if you could do just one tiny thing to help. If you ask, you'll get a 'No, you're a guest' lecture. Skip that and maybe do some dishes or empty a bin or refill the toilet paper. Something little means a lot when you have no sleep.

Love love me.
I've discovered that sometimes it is hard to keep up the friendships after a bubba has arrived. My apologies, but like Mika says, everybody's gotta love today. A lady with a baby is a mum, but also, is still a lady after all, and still is everythig she was before with some massive changes in the relationship department.

We were super super lucky everyone was really supportive and helpful, and supplied us with sugar and such. Keep up the good work friends and family, we love you.