Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pregnancy is almost over - here is some stuff I am really glad I did.

Okay, so seeing as the bubba hasn't arrived, it might seem a little premature to write this brief list, but I know I probably won't get the chance to be so reflective soon enough!

At the moment I an 39 weeks +5 days with child. Huzzah. I can't wait to meet this baby. It's pretty easy to think of all the bad choices I've made, but fortunately, my head has been working properly for most of this time.

I asked for a physio referral a few weeks ago and it has made a massive difference. On Wednesday I do a gentle stretch class for 90 minutes, followed by hydrotherapy for 30 minutes. The other ladies in my class are lovely. I have also loved been able to swim in an indoor pool, even if it isn't really swimming. To be honest, I never really want to get out of the pool. I am such a little kid.

I worked until I was 36 weeks. My job, which is working for OSHC, was becoming challenging - it wasn't easy to clean up stuff from the floor or run around after the kids. Instead of finishing at 32 weeks, I had a little bit of extra pocket money because I worked for two hours a day, three-ish days a week, and it was worth it.

Getting a nice maternity photo
I had a $29 portrait session with Impressions in town. It entitled to me to a big print and extra money off future packages. All I really wanted was one good photo, and that's what I got. It was fun, and I also avoided all of the weekly bump photos, because, who has time for that?

Avoiding crazy mummy forums
Those things are bloody scary, stay away!

Mental health stuff
A couple of months ago I felt myself going downhill in regards to my mental health. I have received some extra help from the clinical mental health nurse, as well as having a plan put together by my GP to see a psychologist. It has really helped me to have some tools to get through the tough stuff, and (more importantly) the trivial stuff.

Today is R U OK Day, and while I really love the concept, I'm not sure everyone grasps it very well - posting a Facebook status asking R U OK? is not actually helpful. The Exposed Project wrote this today:
It's 'R U OK Day' where we are encouraged to reach out and check on the mental health of friends and colleagues with a simple sentence.
While we applaud the principle of building public awareness, this question needs to be asked on an as-needs basis.
Secondly, the loudest, most demanding voices (particularly on social media) likely have reasonable levels of support. Watch closely for the quiet ones who fly under the radar or drop off quietly or suddenly.
Ali 💙
On behalf of The EXPOSED Project Team

I am really grateful for the love and support I have had, especially from my gal pals, in the lead up to the baby arriving, but also in terms of checking that I'm coping mentally as well. It means a lot.

Letting go
Finally, some things to consider here.
Letting go of all I have been holding onto has made a difference.

Clutter, for one, has been culled, rather successfully. Things like 'emptying the scary wardrobe in the nursery' took some bravery on my part, but it's all been sorted. Just sorting and organising things, like the cupboard under the sink, has been really good. Yay for nesting.

I have let go of some of the opportunities I thought I would take this year. No Queensland trip for the Birchies (what's the point if you can't go on rides at the theme parks), no overseas Guide trips (le sigh), no applying for jobs that are long term. Working in child care, even if it is in an OSHC setting helped me realised how much I don't want to put our child (or children?) into a care setting if it can be avoided. Not that OSHC kids don't have fun - they do - but it doesn't seem like a good fit for who I am.

I have let go of situations and relationships which have not been great for awhile. On the other hand, I have felt like I've drifted a bit from friends, mostly because I have been busy and literally too tired to do stuff, and they are a bit the same. I am blessed to have met lots of new Guide friends this year though which has been such a great support network for me.

Study wise, I have let a few things lapse. I'm not doing my post grad study, and I don't know if I will finish my travel certificate, or if I actually want to. I have decided to do my Diploma in HRM, which I can take as slowly as I want to.

Goals though. I have plenty of dreams and goals for the next few decades of my life. I want to visit lots of Europe, see all the WAGGGS World Centres, visit WA and the NT (the only states I haven't got to yet) and have a successful career change. First though, I really want to be a mum.

So I'll leave it there for now. I'm predicting my next post will be post-baby arrival.

With love from Lisa xx