Saturday, 31 January 2015

That darn cat.

Two months of Sundays ago Black Cat entered our lives. He just showed up on the back doorstep and meowed all night until I gave him some food the next day. Of course everyone knows you're not supposed to feed stray cats, buuuut he looked skinny and it made him stop being noisy for a bit. 

Black Cat is still here. He has been happily living in the backyard, following us around, playing Hide and Seek with Heidi through the windows, etc. As nice as Black Cat is, we would really like him to be with his own family. This is proving difficult. He doesn't have a microchip and FB lost and found websites seems to have a much higher rate of reuniting dogs and their owners rather than cats and their staff. I have been looking through lost cat ads for weeks now and no cat matches Black Cat's description.

Black Cat is now looking a lot healthier... He's an old man who has been through some wars. We think maybe he was left  which here and he hasn't shown any interest in leaving. Well, Black Cat makes two cats. Good luck to you, our little friend. We love you just a little bit already.

The internet knows everything I think and feel... Not.

I guess I'm a bit over the internet.

That's silly. It's so useful and helpful at the best of times, except when it tells me how I am thinking or decides it knows my motives better than I do.

I'm tired of BuzzFeedesque headlines grabbing my attention, bossy Christian blog writers telling me his wife isn't who he married and someone else finally letting men know why women leave them (three little words: no quality time). Last year these things didn't bother me so much, but now... I feel like it's totally unreasonable for these people to be telling a side of your story that isn't quite right.

Other lies.
Typing in Pregnancy Help along with your state or major city into the Google search bar has a barrage of Christian organisations who are pro life, hiding as helpful and unbiased people.

Propaganda about our friends of different religions, weird boycotting of brands selling Halal certified food, mislabelled pictures of freedom fighters as terrorists and such.

Religious boycotts and whinges that have everything to do with America and nothing really to do with Australia. Banning prayer in classrooms? Not really relevant here, but religious education in schools is a good topic to be promoting, just the people who are promoting it have no understanding of how it works in their own country.

Boys telling girls not to feel insecure. No no no, bugger off please. Being awkward is the new cool. Geeks and needs are cool, but in name only. No D&D allowed.

Posting crap on Facebook saying that only you hold the intellectual property to your FB page, along with legal mumbo jumbo. Sorry, that doesn't hold up anywhere and contradicts the Terms and Conditions you agreed to on sign up, even if you didn't read them.

All this aside... I do love having the internet. It's invaluable, I need it for work and study, it sometimes makes me happy. I can live with not knowing or having seen all my Facebook friends in real life, and anyone questioning that motive probably doesn't understand about being a global citizen. Over the last year or so I have been invited, accidentally or on purpose to new life, to death, on holidays, major life events and general community life. I love my social media tribes. Love love love. Some times its just to much. Today is one of those days. I need to work through some drafts of unpublished blogs and get on with living my life, both online and... Well.. IRL.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

changing direction.

I thought I'd do a Sunday arvo blog while Stephen and Dave are out at Le Cornu picking up new furniture. Yay yay yay!

We have only been in Adelaide for about two months. It has gone by really quickly, and I haven't been too fussed about blogging since. Big changes: moving,  new house, new job, new interests, new furniture even. And some little failures and big milestones, and whatever.

I feel a lot more settled, especially emotionally. I don't feel half as moody, or half as out of place, as I was a few months (and even a few years ago). Despite the fact that our house isn't very flash at all and we have to put in a lot of work to make it look respectable enough to live in, it has been fun. We are only renting, but our new place hadn't been leased from a long time, so not only was it pretty dirty, it also needs a lot of yard work done. Forget trips to the dump before moving, we have had to ring up and book a hard rubbish collection just to get rid of things we have found in our extensive garden/tip for rubbish.

Christmas, birthdays and weddings are almost all over, except for my birthday tomorrow. Having two families to visit is tough sometimes, and tougher when we live far away from them, though less far than when we were in Kadina. Nick and Melissah were married last week which was super exciting, Stephen had a family birthday dinner (which I organised) and I had a BBC Birthday Bash with my friends (which I organised but Stephen and Marie played hosts for the night).

In terms of changing direction....

Craft goodliness
I've dug out my crafty gear again and made Stephen a big scrapbook of his life so far. It also had all his school photos from work for the last five years, he liked it a lot. Our brand new niece, Kara Louise, was born a few weeks about so I made her a quilt and some bibs and burp cloths. The sewing machine is having a good run which makes me very happy.

Derby love
Oh, for the love of derby.
I hadn't blogged about my results of derby testing, but in short, I am good enough to be a ref, but not quite at skater standard. For reasons way beyond my control, I'm skipping the ref gig for a bit and doing some NSO stuff. NSO= non-skating official, which means I'll help with any and everything that doesn't involve being on skates, but also means I have to know all of the rules, and as one of our trainers pointed out, roller girls don't know a lot of the rules half the time! I'm very sad about hanging up my very expensive skates for a little while, but it is the safest option for me right now, and I do intend on doing this year's intake starting in November.

I have learnt a lot through my time as a Freshie and made some really lovely friends and connections. I'm also really pleased that I can stay hanging with MCRG as I do like those ladies and germs.

Uni and work
It all feels a bit funny, but I'm off to uni again, and working for Camp Australia who run OSHC and Vac Care centres across Australia. I've also applied to do my Diploma of Early Childhood Care and Education, which seems silly being that I am a qualified teacher and all. Some of the services require Dip trained educators and seeing as my current qual is for Primary/Middle, it isn't quite right. I hope to do some TRT this year too, but that's something to worry about a few weeks after school goes back.

Blog lovin'
I feel as if my blog could quite happily go through an identity crisis is I let it. I have said a few times that I'm really just writing for the sake of my soul and to make me happy. I thought maybe I could make my blog be a lot of things, but 'personal blog' is probably the most appropriate way to desribe it and keep it going. The themes have changed a bit, but essentially, it's just a blog by me, to me, from me, and I'm going to keep it that way.

I'm going to leave it here. Well done for making it through my blog thus far and a merry 215 to you from me.

Friday, 2 January 2015

20 best known facts about me.

It's always a bit of a thing to write out a list of useless information about yourself that nobody knows, or some people do, that you think is, to quote my 15 year old self "cool and interesting". But nobody ever does the best known facts. I always learn a lot from those survey things, but today is not one of those days. Behold, Ze List of 20 Best Known Facts About Me.

1. Hello. My name is Lisa Maree Birch. Most people call me Lis, because, I live in Australia.
2. I live in Adelaide with my amSaZING husband Stephen.
3. I hail from the beautiful City of Warrnambool. #3280represent
4. I have two brothers and my mum and dad.
5. I have a cat named Heidi. She is my first cat, growing up we only ever had dogs.
6. Professionally speaking I am a teacher. I love kids and teaching but not all the headaches that come with it.
7. My oldest friend is Rachel, my best friend is Spring and my favourite group of people are collectively called my Urban Family.
8. I love clothes!
9. I also love reading.
10. My all time favourite show is Seinfeld.
11. I am a Girl Guide and made my Promise in 1993.
12. If I could live only on Italian food, I would do so happily.
13. Pink is my favourite colour.
14. I am very sensitive, and not just in an emotional sense. I can't handle the weirdest of things including certain noises, irregularly time intervals, coloured drink bottles and anything of a supernatural variety. Including Supernatural.
15. I hated PE in school and roller derby is the first team sport I have ever willingly played.
16. I am a BSC buff. This is a useless trait.
17. I fold paper cranes a lot.
18. Summer is my favourite season.
19. I love pop music. Yes, really.
20. I have a massive travel to do list. It keeps getting longer.