Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bridesmaids Brooch Bouquets

When I initially started putting together my brooch bouquet, I considered having the bridesmaids carry something else instead. But as we started to collect brooches, we had a surplus of spare ones which didn't seem to fit in with mine.

We used large foam roses to make the posies. Foam flowers are stronger than silk or other materials and seem to retain their shape. My bouquet is four months old now and looks exactly the same as our wedding day. Because the foam roses are so large, each posy could only have a small amount of brooches placed on them, about 6 per posy.

The girls each had differently styled dresses, though they were wearing the same sashes and necklaces. Each of them are very unique individuals, and it became apparent that each posy was deserving of it's own colour scheme. Rachel's (featured above) is blue, to match her wedding colours. Narelle's was silver and Spring's was purple and pink.

To keep costs down, the bridesmaid bouquet brooches were vintage/antiqued styled and purchased on eBay for between $1-3 each. I would usually only search for 'free postage', so many brooches came through without any transportation costs. Because of the large shape of the individual roses, heavy brooches would not sit flat on them and tended to fall through.

A 'throw away' posy tends to be a popular inclusion with most wedding floral packages, and I realised that my single guests would probably enjoy catching their own brooch bouquet. After some consultation with Dad (who was concerned it may injure someone), I designed a small throw posy (second from right). It contained only lightweight brooches and these were well taped to ensure they would not 'escape'. My friends who caught the bouquet ensures me it was not at all thrown away, but is now being used as decoration.

At first I wondered about whether the girls holding these brooch bouquets would give away the big surprise that I was holding one. Of course, this was a little silly, and in the photographs, the bridal party's bouquets make very bold statement.

I hope to update the blog soon with some details about how to put together your own bouquets. There are plenty of helpful sites out there is you wish to start seeking some tips earlier than that. My advice is to read as much as you can, but make the creation process work for you. If instructions don't make sense or aren't working for you, change it up so they do. When putting together the flowers, we had many hurdles, but overcame each one through simple trial and error. Happy brooch bouqueting!